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Browser version: Latest

Whenever there is a new stable version of Firefox or Chrome I need to know as soon as possible if there are any issues rendering the sites that I'm responsible for in the new browser version. The users will most likely update their browsers as soon as the new version becomes available. 

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  • May 9 2018
Product Type SaaS & On-Prem
Urgency Not sure - just thought it was a great idea
Proposed Solution

I understand that it is a challenge to keep a large number of clients in a distributed environment up-to-date so I'd like to propose a special type of dedicated agent that automatically keeps track of the latest browser version and updates itself as soon as it becomes available. Selectable in ASM - only available in certain locations, premium feature - as another browser version that is simply named "Latest".

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  • Logo Magicians commented
    18 Mar 11:33

    Yes I also understand your challenge, It's really important to keep your Web browser up to date. ... Fortunately, most modern web browsers can update themselves automatically, so that you still run the latest edition.